Online lessons are all about benefits!13 Recommended Lessons for Adults

Only online!Well-known teacher's lesson

Take care of the crush.Komari-san's tidying up video lesson

A total of 10 video lessons where you can learn the basics of Mr. Komari, who caused a boom in tidying up in the world. They will carefully teach you the order of the categories to clean up, the specific storage method, and the most important "method of selecting a crushing thing" and "how to crush" with specific examples.

・ You can systematically learn Komari-san's method. ・ Since one video is short, you can watch it in the gap time.

[Permanent Preservation Version] Komari ® Cleanup Video Lesson Complete Works by Marie Kondo Format: Video Distribution (Archive) How to Take: Rakuten TV Tuition Fee: 4,950 Yen / Purchase Number: 10 Times Inquiry HP Link: https://tv.rakuten

You can also get answers to your questions! "Online cooking class" by cooking researcher Chinami Hamauchi

Video distribution type lesson by Mr. Chinami Hamauchi who is familiar on TV. If you join, you can watch the delivery twice a month, and the recipe will be distributed in advance, so you can make it together while watching the video. He will teach you the tips to take a step forward in basic menus such as rice bowls and making regular vegetables with a gentle narrative.

・ It is difficult to understand in a book, and you can learn the details of setup and cooking. ・ You can ask questions from the dedicated site, and Professor Hamauchi will answer in the video.

Family Cooking School "Online Lesson" Format: Video distribution (real time, with archive) How to attend: Vimeo Tuition fee: 4,000 yen, with recipes: Twice a month Inquiry HP link: jp / online_cooking_class /

Aim for the Yumicoa body with the latest method of "Constriction Mother"!

An online lesson of "Yumi Core Body" represented by Yumico, who has published many high-impact exercise books, including the latest issue "Bone Makeup from Constriction Mother's Bone --3DX BODY-". The training menu that changes the body from the skeleton by self-manipulating is reputed to not only improve the body shape but also improve the disorders such as stiff shoulders and back pain. Always adopt new methods and enjoy exercising with timeless lessons.

・ Training with "core" in mind to improve your health from the inside of your body. ・ With the basic plan, you can watch 4 videos every month as many times as you like.

YumiCoreBody Online lesson format: Video distribution Course method: Viewing from the dedicated HP Tuition fee: Basic plan ¥ 10,000 (unlimited viewing), 1 video purchase plan ¥ 3,000 / 1 number of times: Updated 4 times a month Inquiry HP: https: // www.

Aim Master! Ryo Nawatari's "Ukulele Lesson"

An online course at a music school run by Sony Music. Ryo Nawatariyama, a ukulele player who travels around the world, will use his own songs as teaching materials to introduce basic training, read music scores, and explain music theory in easy words. It has a reputation for being easy to understand because it can be checked from various angles, such as raising the hand and looking at the player, by making full use of multiple cameras.

・ You can learn the ukulele playing method that the artist you admire has followed through trial and error. ・ You can improve quickly with the method that Sony Music has cultivated as a “music learning platform”.

SONIC ACADEMY MUSIC MASTER "Ukulele Master of Ryo Natoyama Online Course" Format: Video streaming distribution (viewable for 1 year) Course method: HP, smartphone, tablet Course fee: 10,780 yen * Admission fee exemption during the course campaign period: All 12 inquiries HP link:

I want to be able to go to children's events in kimono! ayaaya's "First Dressing Course"

A one-on-one lesson by a popular dressing instructor who was featured in newspapers and kimono magazines, and the book "Obi-Kui-nai Obi-Kui" released in 2019 was a big hit. For complete beginners, it will teach you how to buy the necessary tools for dressing and will support you so that you can dress in 9 lessons. It would be fun to wear a kimono for children's Shichigosan and graduation ceremonies.

・ In addition to learning the original method of taiko knotting, you can also learn the tips of coordination. ・ There are benefits of resumes and videos, so you can review by yourself.

ayaaya's "First dressing lesson" Online format: Real time (90 minutes) How to take: Zoom etc. (Negotiable) Tuition fee: 42,000 yen Number of times: 9 times in total Inquiry HP link:

A complete amateur is also OK! Rie Fujikawa's "Stock / Personal Training"

Rie Fujikawa, known for "Introduction to stocks from a monthly income of 150,000 yen, how I increased my assets by 10 times in 5 years" (Fusosha Publishing) and YouTube "Rie Fujikawa's Women's Stock Channel Her First Steps" Personal lessons by the teacher. For a complete beginner, "Iroha" will be used, and for those who have started but are stumbling, they will give bright and polite guidance according to the level of the person, such as how to analyze the brand.

・ Completely made-to-order training tailored to the needs of the students ・ After taking the course, you will receive a retrospective report to clarify issues and goals.

Rie Fujikawa's "Stock / Personal Training" Format: Real-time Course Method: Zoom Course Fee: Initial 16,500 Yen / Normal 19,800 Yen Number of Times: 1 (90 minutes) Inquiry HP Link:

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