Six points to know to master "Google Drive"

Google's online storage services "Google Drive" exceeded 1 billion in 2018.This is the eighth Google product with more than 1 billion users.

However, there are many people who have never been desperately searching for one file that has been in the mountains of photos that have been uploaded in a photo of the holidays, but there are definitely some people.Uh?

This time, I will introduce hints to make the most of this popular storage services.You should keep scrolling the screens where the name has not been set up again, and you will not waste your precious time or pay extra monthly fees.

1) Where and how the file is saved

Google Drive is a service that saves files.When asked, "What is a file?"

The important thing is to know how it will be preserved.For example, if you install Google's "Backup and Sync" tool, all files on your PC will be automatically backed up on Google Drive.Even if the file is changed, it will be backed up each time.

You can search for the Chrome extension "Save to Google Drive" with a web browser and download it.This is a feature that allows you to save anything you find or find out on the net in a Google drive folder.Keep in mind that you can save time by uploading the Gmail attachment directly to Google Drive without bothering downloading.

Google Drive can also be used as a way to send files quickly.It is also useful when the file attached to the email is likely to exceed 25MB, which is the upper limit of Gmail.Click the Google Drive icon at the bottom of the mail creation screen to insert up to 10GB of photos and documents.

In addition, if you are a public document, you can click "Publish on the web" to get a link and share it on the web.The file is published by the creator's name, enabling access from search engines.

2) Leave the troublesome work to Google Drive

Tell me good things.Google will take on a part of the time -consuming task on behalf of you who are busy.One of them is that simply uploading photos and PDF files is extracted by separating the text part from the image, and converting it into a text format that can be searched with a character recognition function.

There is no loss in remembering that the "tool" menu at the top of the screen translates documents to other languages.If you are a Google Chrome browser user, you can switch to audio input, rest your fingertips, and call your text.You can edit by typing even if you are input.

3) You can use "document" even on offline

You may think that it is necessary to connect to the file on Google Drive or make changes.It's a problem for those who use the subway.In such a case, download "Google Offline Document", which can only be used on the Chrome browser.This is a function that allows you to select the document you want to access offline in advance in the Google Drive setting menu.

When the internet connection is expired, it is limited to the files specified here.It is important to choose a file that you need to open.If you change the file, you will be automatically synchronized to Google Drive when you return to the online state.

4) Learn shortcuts

If you're a reader who uses the task management app "Trello" well, you already know that shortcuts are so useful that you can call them a "new mouse."If you remember a variety of techniques correctly, Google Drive will move quickly with keyboard commands, like many digital platforms.

An excellent one is the shortcut that displays the keyboard shortcut list of Google Drive.All shortcuts that can be used on the keyboard are displayed by pressing the "Ctrl" key and the "/(slash)" key simultaneously.

There is still more.You can create a new file simply by entering the desired shortcut name on the browser without going through the main page of Google Drive.For example, when you hit "", the new File of Google Document opens quickly.Similarly, files can be created with "Form.New", "", "" and "".

5) Manage storage

Basically, the Google drive has a free storage of 15GB per account, and a fee is incurred when the capacity is increased.However, if you feel that the free space is unusually fast, you can easily check what is a large space.

「Google ドライブ」を使いこなすために、知っておくべき6つのポイント

Google Drive Top Page Top Page You can check the file displayed in the order of large size from the "Save Capacity" tab on the left side of the left page.It is important to remember here that the so -called "native files" created on Google Drive do not take up space unlike the imports from your device.In other words, it is better to create a spreadsheet directly from Google Drive.

It is not well known, but Google Drive has a "trash can" folder.It is also possible to empty this to secure the capacity.Knowing the existence of this folder is also useful when you want to restore the deleted files.

6) Full use of add -ons

Looking from the outside, it is a "add -on" world reminiscent of a terrible jungle, but it is definitely worth seeing.People who are chased by the deadline should be able to use Google Drive to the most effort.

Here are some of the extraordinary options."EASYBIB" automatically creates the reference lists required for work in various formats.With "Pandadoc", the electronic signature for the document is only a few seconds.After printing out the document, signed it, and is much faster than scanning it again.

However, please be careful not to pile an add -on that is invited to the Google Drive as you are invited to do not cause unwilling results.




Google Docsを「オフライン」で便利に使うシンプルな方法

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