Beta version of the search engine unique to the browser "Brave" with ad blocking function can be used

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Brave , a Chromium-based web browser, has introduced a mechanism to distribute profits to content providers while blocking harmful advertisements, and is increasing the number of users by focusing on privacy protection. The beta version of Brave's unique search engine " Brave Search " is now available on Brave and other browsers.

Brave Search beta now available in Brave browser, offering users the first independent privacy search / browser alternative to big tech | Brave Browser From I'm feeling lucky to I'm feeling Brave: Browser maker erects web search engine beta • The Register Brave is a mechanism to block harmful advertisements and distribute revenue to content providers etc. In addition to blocking unnecessary downloads related to advertisements and speeding up the display of the website, it is also focusing on protecting user privacy. Brave's user base is steadily increasing , with more than 15 million monthly active users in June 2020 and 32 million at the time of writing, Brave said. In March 2021, Brave acquired the open source search engine " Tailcat ". Brave pointed out that the search engine market is currently dominated by a small number of Big Tech , and announced that it will offer its own alternative search engine, Brave Search. Browser with ad blocking function "Brave" purchases search engine --GIGAZINE

On June 22, 2021, Brave said in an official blog, "From today, online users have access to a new independent search option that offers unmatched privacy," and Brave Search is in a variety of beta versions. Announced that it is now available on various browsers. Brave Search is a desktop version, iOS version, Android version of Brave, and it is one of the search options along with other search engines, and it will be Brave's default search engine in the latter half of 2021. Brave Search does not track or profile users, has an independent search index independent of other providers, and uses a community-based (PDF file) search ranking model . Brave co-founder Brendan Eich said, "Brave Search is the industry's most private and only independent search engine, giving control and confidence to users seeking a Big Tech alternative. I will. " You don't have to be using Brave to use Brave Search, you can try Brave Search in your favorite browser from the following page. Search | Brave Browser Click "Search now".

Then, the search screen of the beta version Brave Search was displayed. If you try typing "GIGAZINE" and press the enter key ...

The top page of GIGAZINE, Twitter account, YouTube channel, etc. were displayed. There is also an information box on the right, like the Google Search Knowledge Panel . At the time of writing the article, there are no ads on the Brave Search search results screen, but in the future we plan to offer two options: paid search without ads and free search supported by ads. That.

The bottom of the search result screen looks like this. I have the impression that there are few Japanese web pages.

If you want to adjust the language of the search results, click "United States" at the bottom of the search form.

Then, you can select the language to use for the search, so if you want to browse the Japanese website, select "JP Japan".

The website on the search result screen is now centered on Japanese.

When I try to compare it with Google search, it looks like this.

After adjusting the language of the search results screen, the websites displayed did not change much.

Click the menu icon in the upper left ...

You can adjust the display of Brave Search. When I try switching to a dark theme ...

Like this.

Brave Search uses its own index to answer queries, but in some queries, image searches, and other areas where search results aren't relevant enough, Microsoft Bing is using the API to get the results. That. Brave acknowledges that while this does not affect user tracking, it does reduce the indicator of independence. According to Brave's head of search, Josep Puyol, there were more than 100,000 people on the preview release and test phase participation list before the beta release. Brave Search will also address search result pollution and will add monthly query stats to Brave's transparency page in the future.

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