Advantages of "Gravio" that can implement face / person recognition AI with no code [Archive distribution now]

At the AI ​​and artificial intelligence online trade fair “ EXPO 2021 Autumn” held by Ledge Co., Ltd., a webinar by Asteria Co., Ltd. “Integrated utilization of AI and IoT-easy and quick Introducing Gravio, which realizes the construction of a smart edge system".

In this webinar, we introduce the appeal of the edge integration platform "Gravio," which enables face and person recognition AI provided by Asteria to be configured without code at the edge. In this article, we report on the pattern of this webinar.

This Asteria webinar is being archived, so if you haven't watched it yet, please check it out. The viewing deadline for archive distribution is until October 31, 2021.

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Gravio, which enables no-code setting of face and person recognition AI at the edge

In recent years, changes in business earnings in companies and the impact of the new coronavirus infection (COVID‑19) As a result, changes such as remote work promotion and DX (digital transformation) promotion occurred.

According to the August 2020 survey, digital investment companies are still only about 24% of the total, but it is clear that digital investment companies are twice as successful in increasing revenue as non-investment companies. became.

Asteria Co., Ltd. Global Gravio Division General Manager Tomoma Tarumi said, "We originally proposed AI and IT-related products to meet the needs of smart offices and smart places. Due to the explosive popularity, there are an increasing number of cases where these smart devices have become an urgent issue that must be addressed."

Asteria provides "Gravio", an edge integration platform that enables no-code configuration of face and person recognition AI at the edge. Even if you have little knowledge of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI, you can easily start using this platform.

Mr. Tarumi said, "It is no exaggeration to say that AI and IoT are 'IT's mixed martial arts.' It will be necessary." "The places where they are placed are also very diverse. Knowledge of this area will also be necessary."

"There is a way to gather experts such as communication experts and gateway experts and work as a team, but if you want to do it 'quickly, cheaply and easily', we will provide it as a package. I think you will understand that it makes more sense to use what is already available," he emphasized Gravio's strengths.

"If it is not easy to use, it is meaningless"

Gravio can be easily implemented by users with no code, but it can be used for temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, Based on the target data such as "key opening and closing", it can be used for various purposes such as "power control by smart plug" and "messaging (LINE / Slack / Microsoft Teams)".

Mr. Tarumi said, "Originally, I believe that a system is meaningless unless it is easy to use. Quick deployment and ease of use in the field are extremely important points. AI/IoT In other words, in the past, I think it was common to say that 'implementation is time consuming' and 'complicated'."

"For example, writing a program to add a sensor, creating a driver, and ascertaining the data array naturally takes time, and the system is far from being usable by people in the field. Gravio was designed with the philosophy that such things should be avoided.”

Gravio is a system for renting a center, and the enterprise plan for corporations allows you to rent up to 100 sensors. When using the sensor, all you have to do is pair it and register it on the software.

For face recognition, person recognition, and human motion recognition, real-time images from each camera can be seen at a glance, and data can be obtained from various trained models. It can turn on lights when people come, or sound an alarm when an unregistered person comes. These implementations are also implemented with no code.

Asics has reduced working hours to 1/15

Gravio has been introduced in various situations such as offices, restaurants, and schools.

Toyosu Yamamoto Eye Clinic utilizes Gravio to convert the information obtained from camera images into data by inference, and displays the number of people in the clinic on the official website. With this initiative, not only can patients receive medical examinations at their leisure, but the hospital has also eliminated variations in the number of patients depending on the time of day.

Mr. Tarumi said, "It also leads to the optimization of sales opportunities, which is another perspective of DX." This is a case that satisfies both."

Asics Corporation is promoting various digitalization in the corona disaster. A team that produces custom shoes for athletes, which were worn by athletes who participated in the Tokyo Olympics, uses AI and IoT, and is said to have been able to reduce working hours to 1/15 in one task.

It doesn't make sense if it's not easy to use. No” The strengths of “Gravio” that can implement face and person recognition AI with no code [Archive is now available] title=

"The reason why I explained this case is because the people in the field are doing everything. Users who usually make custom shoes for athletes without relying on experts are steadily implementing it. doing"

You can focus only on the points you should be thinking about

Mr. You can reduce these things at once.It is possible to centrally handle and process sensor information and camera information.As a result, it promotes remote control and automation, and furthermore, you can make new discoveries from data. It is possible to improve accuracy by using multi-axis data generated from various sensors."

“Actually, what users think about is what kind of data they want to collect and what they want to do. By using , you can simply and easily grasp the part of the mechanism behind the scenes and focus on what you really think about. I think that it can be realized with the DX of

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Mr. Tomoma Tarumi, General Manager, Global Gravio Division, Asteria Inc.

Asteria Co., Ltd. oversees the AI ​​/ IoT middleware product "Gravio" business. After graduating from university, he engaged in enterprise sales and marketing at a foreign-affiliated company related to industrial equipment and PCs. Joined Asteria in 2015 and assumed his current position in 2018.

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