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To be proficient in using iPad's "mail" application, the most important thing is to customize it first to make it easier to use. The various settings of the Mail application can be made through the Mail of the Settings application. Have you correctly understood and used all the settings items? Here, let's explain some particularly important settings.

1) change the number of preview rows

When you open a mailbox in the Mail application, a list of messages you receive is displayed. In addition to the title of the message, a preview of the body of the message is displayed in two lines by default, but the number of lines can display up to five lines. If you have a large number of lines, in order to confirm the contents of the message, you don't have to open one email.

If you increase the number of preview lines, the content can be easily confirmed even if the message is not opened. However, if you increase the number of lines, the number of messages displayed in the list in 1 screen will decrease

2) use the sliding option

If you receive a lot of mail every day, the mailbox will soon be overflowed. If you leave everything as it is, it can be difficult to find the target email, so you want to turn the unread email into a read, put the unnecessary email in the trash can, and mark it for ease of understanding. However, it is inefficient to work after opening the mail one by one. So let's actively take advantage of the sliding option. The slide option is the function of performing each operation by swiping the mailbox list left and right. For example, you can swipe to the left to read, or to the right and immediately move the message to a specific box.

3) summarize into threads

The thread here refers to a series of messages exchanged with the same subject. For example, when a "about meeting" message is sent, the reply message (Re:) and the forwarded message (Fw:) are also included in a post. If you open the messages in the Settings application, the messages received and sent by the same subject will be aggregated, so it is easy to confirm the series of processes of the messages. In addition, if align all Threads is turned on, messages with the same subject moved to another mailbox will also be included in one thread.

4) Mark the address to prevent error transmission

When sending messages, try to avoid sending messages to the wrong domain. In particular, people who belong to the organization need to pay close attention to the disclosure of information caused by mistransmission. Therefore, what you want to use is the [email] tag address of the "set" application. If you open it and set the domain name of a specific message (such as, the email address / recipient address section will display in red when you send the message outside the registered domain name.

If you turn on tagged address and register a specific domain, it will display red when you send an email outside the registered domain, preventing error sending

5) confirm the attachment when replying

If you send an email with attachments, you may hesitate to include attachments when replying. In particular, attachments are also included when a new recipient is added to the reply. In this case, open the email reply with attachment in the Settings application and set it to add recipient or confirm when you send it.

0 tips to facilitate "mail"

After confirming the settings of the Mail application, let's take a look at some tips for making it easy to use the Mail application. If you master everything, you will be more productive than ever before.

1) Open the message in the middle of the window

Now the open email remains the same, and sometimes you want to see another email. At this point, press the message in the mailbox list for a long time, and then select Open in New window. The message pops up and opens in the center of the screen (center window).

Select Open in New window to browse another message without departing from the current view

2) stored on the shelf

With the "shelf" in iPadOS 15, you can store it at the bottom of the screen so that you can access specific messages immediately. Select New window and view the message in the central window, and then slide down the window. The window is then scaled out and registered as a thumbnail on the shelf at the bottom of the screen.

3) quickly move to a specific mailbox

Using the widgets added in iPadOS 15, you can display e-mail messages for specific mailboxes on the home screen. You can view recently unread messages or new messages from VIP without opening the Mail application.

4) Private email address

If you have signed up for an iCloud+ subscription, you can use the Private email feature to create a random email address. This is useful when you don't want to know your own e-mail address, such as registering for newsletters or e-mail magazines or entering Web forms. Emails sent to the "private email" address will be forwarded to the iCloud email address or the email address associated with Apple ID, etc.

5) sign in to VIP

If you don't want to miss a message from a specific person, it is recommended that you register that person as VIP. To set up, simply click on the email address and select "add to VIP". After viewing the VIP mailbox, you can view important messages immediately, or you can set up notifications for VIP emails.

6) Notification reply to email

iPadのメールをもっと快適にする便利な活用テクニック - iPadパソコン化講座

Although it is not necessary to log in to VIP, you don't want to miss it when replying to specific important emails. Take advantage of the notify yourself feature at a time like this. While reading the email, click the ringtone mark next to the subject bar from the "other actions" button in the lower right corner of the screen, and select "Notification" ("Notification" email "allow Notification" in the "Settings" application).

For important emails, please select "notify yourself" and set up to receive notification when you receive a reply message.

7) Silent thread

Some email posts that interact frequently sometimes have nothing to do with you. Notifications can be troublesome every time you receive such an email thread, so please use [mute] to turn off receiving notifications. Note that the mute thread does not become an unread message from the Mail Action Mute Thread in the Settings application, but can also be archived / deleted.

8) Save email as PDF

Sometimes you want to convert the messages you receive to a PDF file to save the e-mail messages you receive to the Mail application. Some people may not think so, because displaying the body of the message and clicking the [other actions] button will not display the menu about PDF. However, if you click the "other actions" button and select "print" and clip out the thumbnail, it will be converted to PDF immediately.

Click Mute from the arrow-shaped other actions button in the lower right corner of the mail screen. Clip the thumbnail shown on the left side on the print options screen

0. A senior chess player who controls everything.

So far, you have explained the setup and convenience techniques of iPad's "mail" application. What do you think? In addition to what is described here, other settings can be made from the Settings application email, for example, to move to the top with a thread containing a mailing list and multiple messages, there is also a small Tips such as a long press on the top.


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