How do you see Instagram?Thorough explanation to distribution methods and storage methods (archives)

Instagram (Instagram) has recently attracted attention on SNS.Many celebrities have official accounts and are used by many people as a place where people around the world can share photos and videos.Instagram (Instagram), where various live distribution services are increasing rapidly, also has a live distribution function called "Instagram".In this article, we will explain how to distribute to how to use it.

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What is Instagram?

Instagram is a live distribution function, one of the story features of Instagram.By performing live distribution, it is possible to connect with followers in real time.The reason for the popularity is that you can communicate not only in live distribution, but also because it has a function to send comments and hearts.

In addition, the distribution method is easy, and it will be the reason why many people can easily deliver live distribution with one smartphone.It is used by a wide range of people, from celebrities to people who are distributed to enjoy with friends, so there are many people who want to start.In addition, there is a function that can perform live at the same time, called "collaboration distribution".If you use Instagram, you can live together with your favorite celebrity on Instagram because you can live together without being in the same place.

How to see Instagram

I will explain how to look at Instagram in conjunction with various functions that can be used during viewing.Understand how to watch and enjoy Instagram.

How to watch Instagram

Instagram app or Instagram is Instagram app.It is possible to watch on COM.When the app is opened and the person who is following shares the live distribution, the profile photo of the person is surrounded by a colorful border and is displayed at the top of the feed along with the word "Live".You can watch by tap or click your profile photo.Of course, you can watch it in the same way from the website.You can see the live distribution of those who have not followed, but they are not displayed at the top of the feed, so you need to fly to the profile page of those who want to watch live distribution.I want to see the distribution of the person surely!If so, it's a good idea to follow in advance.

Functions being viewed

Here are four of the functions that can be used for watching live distribution.


Comments can be sent while watching live distribution.Since it is displayed as it is on the screen, you can share it in real time with other viewers watching at the same time.


Like the comments, you can tap the heart during distribution and send "Like".Distributors can also check how the amount and size of the heart displayed on the screen change depending on the number of times and length of the heart, so it is a good idea to try it several times.


You can ask a question to the distributor during the Instagram distribution.On the screen?Tap the mark to display a column to fill in the question, so it is a good idea to try to provide you with concerns and topics.


In fact, there is a footprint function that shows who came to see on Instagram.The name is displayed at the start of viewing, so you can see that the distributors and other viewers are watching.In addition, although it is limited to the distributor, a list of people watching in real time will be displayed by tapping the eyes mark at the top of the distribution screen.

Watch Instagram later (archive)

I want to see the Instagram of people who have missed the distribution of Instagram and celebrities that have become a hot topic! Isn't there a lot of people who think? You can watch Instagram videos if the distributed user has left the archive. I missed it, so let's make sure that the archive remains before giving up just because it was late. As a way to check if the archive remains, you can access the profile of the relevant user you want to see the Instagram and check it from the "IGTV" in the list. "IGTV" is a mixture of Instagram archive videos and IGTV videos (posted for 1 minute or more), so you need to distinguish them. The characteristics of Instagram's archive are "past live videos" at the top of the screen when playing the video, so it can be easily identified.

How to save Instagram videos

In Instagram, you can not only watch the archives of live -distributed images, but also save them.There are two methods.However, it is necessary to be careful because only the videos are saved, and the comments or likes can not be confirmed later.

Save to IGTV

It can be saved by sharing the distribution with IGTV after the live distribution.Even those who could not see the distribution can find and see live video plays on IGTV.To share the live broadcast replay, tap the IGTV at the bottom of the screen after the Instagram ends and follow the instructions on the screen.You can also share it from a live archive.Comments and good!You cannot confirm, but you can check the number of viewers by watching from IGTV.

Download the video

After the live distribution, tap [Download a video] to save it as a video in your smartphone.However, it may take several minutes to save on a smartphone.Especially for long videos, it may take more time.

How to notify you of Instagram

As mentioned earlier, when the person who is following starts an Instagram, the "LIVE" character and profile image will be displayed at the top of his feed.However, it is not possible to receive the notification of the start of live distribution of those who are not followed, so if you have a favorite celebrity, we recommend that you follow in advance.Be careful not to miss the live video on Instagram.

How to distribute Instagram

Start the app on Instagram (Instagram), start the app → tap [ +] at the top, swipe the feed to the right, then scroll to the bottom.Delivery will start simply by pressing the distribution button at the bottom of the screen.It is a recommended service when you want to share the place to many people because you can distribute it with a video as soon as you think.Even those who have never distributed it can easily start distribution without difficult settings.When the live distribution is terminated, tap the cross mark at the top right of the screen to finish immediately.It is safe because it can be completed immediately if it is accidentally delivered.

Instagram distribution function


You can invite up to three guests to your Instagram and participate and live live with a total of four people.You can also request that you can participate in other people's lives.Even if you are not there, you can collaborate and distribute it, so you can enjoy it as if you were calling a friend.


At the time of live distribution, you can use the effect function that displays stamps on the screen.It can be distributed using a wide variety of effects, from standard effects originally provided on Instagram to external effects created by creators.It is also possible to change it during distribution, so it is a good idea to do an effect according to the viewer's reaction.

Can you do Instagram from a PC (PC)?

How to see Instagramは?配信方法や保存方法(アーカイブ)まで徹底解説

The update in April 2020 has made it possible to watch Instagram from PC (PC).Until now, only smartphone apps were available, so the functions that can be used are restricted.You can watch it simply by clicking the profile of the person who is distributed like a smartphone, but the name will not be displayed when you participate.You can also comment, but you can't send a heart or ask questions, so we recommend watching it from your smartphone if you need it.

Delivery from a PC is basically not possible, but it can be distributed by preparing and preparing software such as OBS Studio.If you use it from a smartphone, you can distribute it immediately without any preparation, so let's use it from a smartphone first.

Delivery is easy!Let's try an Instagram

Anyone can start immediately with Instagram distribution and Instagram with simple settings.Not only the usual usage, but also the start of an Instagram, it is well worth trying in the sense that "communication with viewers can be activated".It is recommended that you operate systematically by referring to the precautions introduced in this article.

There are many distribution platforms.It's a good idea to look for not only Instagram, but also how to distribute it.

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