How to use Apple's genuine services on Windows and Android, from music / video content to the cloud

In the past, Apple used its own applications and services only with Apple hardware such as "iPhone", "iPad" and "Mac".However, did you know that some "holes" are open in this so -called "Wolded Garden (a garden surrounded by walls)"?

This is not a big surprise now.Apple is currently trying to make as many profits as possible from its services.That's why Apple listens to songs on "Apple Music" in Google's "Chromebook", and even if there is no body of Apple's streaming terminal "Apple TV", users are watching "Apple TV+" programs.I know it will come.

There is no doubt that using Apple's device will make Apple's services most comfortably.There are also services that cannot be used with hardware other than Apple.However, in this article, I would like to introduce how to use Apple apps on a device other than Apple.This is especially useful for those who share Apple's subscription with their families or who are not using Apple Devices alone.

Apple Music

The Apple Music app, the Spotify's rival, is the first prestigious app that supports Android for the first time as an Apple Service (excluding the related apps, "Beats" and "IOS" tools).If you are registered with Apple Music and have an Android device, you can use all streaming functions by installing "Apple Music" for Android.

However, Apple Music subscription registration is required.In this app, the songs purchased in the "iTunes Store" and the songs imported in the MacOS "Music" app ("iTunes" in Windows ") are displayed, but 9 monthly..The app will not work unless you register for a $ 99 (900 yen in Japan).

The media player "iTunes", which was too packed with functions, has changed to a dedicated "music" app in MacOS.However, Windows can still be used as it is.The situation may change soon, but the best way to use Apple Music on Windows is to use "iTunes for Windows" (or the successor app that will appear in the future).Even if you are not registered with Apple Music's subscription, you can access all imported songs and all purchased songs.You can also add streaming as needed.

Use the official app to access the Apple Music library from Android.Photograph by Apple Via David NIELD

Web version of Apple Music is now available.It is a very useful feature if you want to enjoy a playlist on a computer that cannot access the library from the app like Chromebook.Although there are no advanced functions such as offline synchronization, it offers new means of using Apple Music from Mac and Computer.

On Chromebook, you can use various functions such as offline synchronization by using Android apps.This app cannot be moved in "Android TV" (or "Google TV"), but by using this app on other devices, it is possible to play songs from a device equipped with Android TV.

There is no Apple music app for the Amazon tablet terminal "Fire" series or the streaming terminal "Fire TV", but Apple Music can be used via the voice assistant "Alexa".

Apple TV

The Apple TV app allows users to enjoy movies and programs purchased from Apple (via iTunes Store), and all content streaming on Apple TV+.Somewhat confusing, this app is different from Apple TV as hardware.If you launch this app, you can watch all the videos of Apple (however, if you want to enjoy Apple's video on a large screen, it is best to use Apple TV hardware).

The best way to use Apple TV on a computer with Microsoft OS is to use iTunes for Windows like music.In MacOS, iTunes has been replaced by a dedicated "Music" app and an "Apple TV" app, and it will be likely to be on Windows.But Apple has not switched to the app yet.

Also, Apple TV+programs and movies (excluding iTunes Store programs and movies) can be watched on web browsers, making it convenient for Windows and "Chrome OS" users.If you access the Apple TV+website and click "Sign In", you can watch any programs such as "Ted Rasso: Bunja Ara Coach" and "Gray Hound" (but you need to register for subscription).。

At present, the Apple TV application for Android has not been released, but it can use the web version of Apple TV+with a mobile browser.As far as I did, it could not be said to be a wonderful experience, but it worked without any problems.This web version interface has only minimal functions regardless of any device (navigation is difficult to use and there is no search tool), but it will be an alternative.

To access Apple TV+on Windows, use iTunes or web browser.Photograph by Apple Via David NIELD

You can also get a dedicated Apple TV app on the Device that supports the streaming terminal "ROKU", the Amazon's "Fire TV" series, and "Google TV".There is no Apple TV app for Android, so you need to use the "Chromecast with Google TV" or a Google TV to enjoy all the functions and content of Apple TV+.There is no Android app, so you can't stream videos from other devices.

Some smart TVs are equipped with a dedicated Apple TV app, and some can stream videos on "AirPlay" from nearby Apple Devices.Apple has updated the corresponding smart TV list from time to time.


If you have a television at home on this list, you can watch the contents of Apple TV+and content purchased on iTunes on iTunes without having to prepare a streaming device other than Apple TV or Apple.When buying a new TV, you should check if this feature is installed.

iCloud and other services

If you use "iCloud" on a Windows compatible PC or Chromebook, the first access is the iCloud website.All functions are provided, from email reception trays to online version of "Pages", "Numbers" and "Keynote".All you have to do is sign in with Apple ID.

If you are using Windows, you can download and install "Windows iCloud" to synchronize with the "iCloud Drive" files and photos stored in "Photos" with your computer.If necessary, you can synchronize the iCloud password and "Safari" with "Google Chrome" or "Microsoft Edge".

Of course, it is not integrated like a macOS, but it can put images and videos of Windows PCs in iCloud or move files from iCloud to Windows PC.And as long as the first sign -in is completed, all actions will be automatically proceeded in the background.If necessary, you can also set Apple emails and calendars in Windows's "Outlook".

Apple's email can be used from any email apps such as "Gmail".When setting, please follow Apple's explanation.Not only Mac, iPhone, and iPad's "email", but also the information you need when using your favorite email app is described in detail.

You can access iCloud from any browser.Photograph by Apple Via David NIELD

As we have introduced so far, Apple has recently added various improvements to its services.But Apple's services are not available from Devices other than Apple.For example, the game's subscription service "Apple Arcade" needs to access Apple's "App Store", so it only supports MacOS and "iOOS", "iPados" and "Tvos".Not available on Chromecast or Windows tablet devices.

"Apple News" (not provided in Japan) is one of the services tied to Apple's device.In addition, "Apple Fitness+" (not provided in Japan) does not work normally without "Apple Watch", so it cannot be registered unless you have an Apple Watch.The situation may change in the future, but Service, which Apple is also developing on other companies' debts, is currently mainly music and movies.

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Apple Musicの「Alexa」対応は、アップルの方針転換を示している


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