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 Object storage has been adopted by a wide range of companies, including service providers, as a storage base for public clouds and private cloud.There are various reasons why users choose object storage, but important factors include low cost, high expandability, ease of operation, geographical dispersion, multi -tenant, and security.The easiest to understand these factors is to analyze why users in different industries choose object storage.

 Service providers provide multiple data -storage services to multiple customers, provide functions such as backups, archives, and design as standard, and also provide next -generation services such as big data analysis and ranomeware measures. Some service providers may remotely manage services hosted in the customer premises. The reason for the service provider to pay attention to object storage is that the cost per unit is the lowest, the storage can be easily expanded to several hundred petabite (PB), the operation cost is significant, and the multi -tenant function is enhanced. It is very important that security is very important because hosting customer data safely.

 Object storage not only guarantees the minimum cost per unit, but also greatly reduces operational costs that are the basis of profitability.In addition, there is a sense of security that there is no need to move to other storage infrastructure because it can be expanded to several hundred petabite (PB).The important thing is that the storage service provider requires individual "bucket" storage that has independent or customized access privileges, service quality, security levels, performance and service levels.。

 Low costs, expandability, and multi -tenant management have already been provided in several object storage platforms and are the main factors selected as the main cloud provider (hyper scaler).

 On the other hand, companies that use storage services usually select object storage based on business requirements and each use case.For example, companies that handle large -capacity files, such as research centers and broadcasting stations, consider object storage as the most powerful options not only in cost -effectiveness but also in the high processing performance.The transfer of large -capacity files using object storage is much faster than other storage bases.In university research centers, various groups on university and off -campus may perform joint research and need access to shared data services as well as public clouds.

 Large companies distributed around the world need to access data immediately from anywhere in the world.To achieve this, there are two major options.One is to use a hyper scaler.The other is to use the geographical diversified private cloud provided by the object storage base.The latter advantage is that the security is high, and the total operation cost is one minute compared to the hyper scaler.

 The reason why financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies pay attention to object storage is slightly different. For banks that analyze large amounts of data using analysis platforms such as Splunk, object storage can significantly reduce costs by optimizing system configurations. For a bank that needs to save data over 10 or 15 years to meet the compliance requirements, the on -premises object storage is lower cost than the archive storage service such as "Amazon S3 Glacier". And the most important point is security. Object storage keeps the data of financial institutions private, durable and immutable, on on -premises, and is better than public cloud.

 Government agencies need to keep data in Japan from the viewpoint of security and compliance, as well as the number of data obtained from the private sector.In the United States -based public cloud, all user data must be distributed globally and the privacy method of other countries must be applied.For these reasons, it is thought that government agencies are growing most rapidly in the world and in Japan as an on -premised object storage user.

 Object storage is very easy to introduce, depending on the vendor, "small start" of about 10 terabites (TB) is possible, and the cost of licenses and support is about hundreds of thousands of yen.However, the real economic benefits of object storage appear as the usage capacity increases.

 For example, using an illegal coding technology can greatly reduce the cost per TB, so it is possible to reduce the cost of millions of dollars in large -scale equipment.Also, since the TCO (total income cost) of the object storage is much lower than the public cloud, the ROI (investment -effectiveness) is very short when choosing on -premises instead of public cloud.For example, a company that owns 1 -PB data can reach the benefit point in the first year and a half, compared to using a public cloud and collect all capital costs.

 Object storage is the most practical for companies whose data is rapidly increasing, companies that have shifted to cloud -based workflows, and companies that need to leave data on -premises for reasons such as security, performance, cost, etc.It is an economical and excellent solution in terms of operation.

オブジェクトストレージを効果的に活用するためのポイントA to Z

 Object storage is a feature of object storage, low -cost costs, low -cost expansion, multi -tenant management, and security functions, not only service providers, but also many functions are on -premises on -premises.This is the requirement that is also required.Object storage is used in almost all industrial fields in the world and Japan, combined with attractive introduction costs and excellent ROI.

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