[Recruitment of archive viewers additional!] At a web seminar with a photo book, "Why is sports cars shaken?"

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◎ This seminar is under application, but please note the following two points.・ The special photo book may not arrive by the day of the live broadcast.・ Even if the live broadcast is over, you can see the archive video (you can not participate in the Q & A session).

■ On December 16th, Mt. Ryaku will talk about 100 years of sports car history in 2 hours!

● Such a topic pops out!

・世界初の自動車旅行は、カール・ベンツの奥さんが行ったマンハイム&プフォルツハイムの旅(ミシュランガイドの原点?)・最初は文字通りどんなクルマでもレースをやってました。・流線型がスポーツカーって誰が決めた!?・スポーツカーの代名詞「ポルシェ」が生まれた日・ランボルギーニ・ミウラって創った本人は納得してない?・ランボルギーニ・カウンタック、フェラーリBB…いわゆるスーパーカーの時代へ・DTMがもたらしたBMW M3、メルセデス・ベンツ190E EvoII、WRCが生んだルノー・サンク ターボ、ランチア・デルタ・人はなぜクルマに欲望を掻き立てられる?

"It's fun to run a car!" If you think so, all the cars are sports cars.Why is it?

In order to know the answer, a web seminar "Read and Talk for Sports Car Hundred Year History" introduces sports cars that have always added flower history, and in any era!Takeshiko Tadakaku, a car and science and technology critic, is fun to solve the mystery such as "Where is sports tools?" "Even light tigers can sports!", I will explain it deep.You don't have to know the car.As a representative, active university students will also participate, and while asking simple questions, we will enjoy the history of sports cars.

This seminar is a web seminar using "ZOOM".We will send a special photo book to everyone who applied.Reading with the seminar while looking at the screen and the magazine will deepen your understanding of sports cars.

Active cars who love the lecturer, Ryogaku -sensei, proceed with questions.It may be a good opportunity to know the sense of young people.

The date and time are from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Thursday, December 16th.At the end of the seminar, we plan to set the question and answer time.Even if the live broadcast is completed, those who apply can see the archive video (special photo book will be mailed at a later date).Now, let's enjoy watching the history of sports cars together and enjoying it!

● Seminar outline

Date and time: December 16 (Thursday) 20: 00-22: 00 Participation fee: 2000 yen (special photo book and shipping fee included) Recruitment deadline: Archive viewing can be applied at any time.Minimum recruitment personnel: 10 people (if it is less than the minimum staff, it will not be held)> The event has been decided!

● Appearance

Lecturer: Takeshiko Ryokaku (Automotive / Science and Technology critic) Students: Yuu Fuse Sora (Graduate School of Tokyo, Shimizu, Fujita Laboratory) Goto Shon (3rd year, EMOBI CEO, Keio University, EMOBI CEO Co., Ltd.) Moderator: Kazuhisa Kobayashi Editor-in-chief)

● Lecturer profile

Morozu Mitakehiko: A car and science and technology critic.Born in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture in 1951.He completed the Nihon University Graduate School, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, major in mechanical engineering, and master's program.He has been in charge of experiments for "Motor Fan" Road Test since the laboratory era and found a job at the editorial department of the magazine.After independence, he has a reputation for free interview reporters, automobile evaluators, editors, and critics, and has a reputation for theoretical manuscripts based on physics and engineering.His book, "Is the hybrid car really eco -friendly?(Takarajimasha Shinsho), "Illustrated Car Technology" (Sanuei).

● How to purchase participating tickets

1) Access the following URLs in the fan meeting studio Purchase a ticket from the column on the right side of the column on the right side 3) When the purchase is completed, The email of "Application contents" will be automatically sent to the registered e -mail address.The special photo book for the seminar will be sent to your desired address by December 15.4) The "ZOOM" connection URL will be notified by e -mail at least one hour before the start of the day.

● For those who want to apply by corporation / organization

Please use it as a teaching material for companies, schools, organizations, etc. for employee education.Multiple applications are also available on your invoice.Please write down the contact information of the representative, and contact us by e -mail to the

● Notes


・ This event will be held using "ZOOM". In an environment where we can connect to the Internet such as WiFi, you can view it from PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. If you have purchased the participation ticket, we will provide information about the connection destination (login URL) by e -mail one hour before the start of the meeting.・ This event will be limited to the applicant alone. Transfer of the login URL and recording and recording during viewing are strictly prohibited.・ If you judge that it will hinder the progress, such as slander, you may leave the room.・ Please note that if you have not participated due to your convenience, we will not refund.・ Q & A sessions may not be accepted due to time reasons.・ For the basic usage of ZOOM, please check the "Help Center" on the ZOOM official website. It is safe to check in advance on the connection test site (・ When the program starts, we will turn off the microphone settings of everyone who participate. Please turn on the microphone setting yourself as needed during the program.・ If you can not see the live broadcast due to the application date, please see the archive video. Please note that you cannot participate in the Q & A session. The special photo book will be sent at a later date.・ If you do not receive the automatic distribution email after application, please contact us from the inquiry form.

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