Rapid increase in users due to the corona crisis!? Companies should take advantage of "Instagram Live"!

Continuing from the popular previous series, this series will cover "basic knowledge that any person in charge of social media at a company should know", "effective ways to use Instagram", and "latest trends on Instagram". Until then, if you read this, I will explain the know-how at the forefront in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can start operating your Instagram account tomorrow.

In the previous article, I explained one of the functions added in 2020, the "Summary function" (guide function). This time, we will explain “Instagram Live”, which is getting more and more attention due to the corona disaster.

What is Instagram Live?

Introduced in Japan in January 2017, Instagram Live is a feature that allows users to stream videos from the Instagram app in real time for up to 4 hours. . Viewers can watch and communicate with broadcasters with likes and comments, whether from a smartphone or a computer. One of the attractions is that you can easily publish archived videos on IGTV.

*On October 5th (US time), it was announced that feed videos and IGTV videos would be merged as “Instagram videos”. Since it is not yet reflected in all accounts, it is referred to as "IGTV" in this article. Reference: Instagram, feed videos and IGTV videos are integrated as "Instagram videos" and displayed in a new tab|Facebook

"Instagram Live" is mainly used by celebrities and companies to interact with their fans. Demand is increasing as a service that can be connected to and communicate with. According to Facebook's information as of April 2020, the number of Instagram Live users has increased by 50% worldwide.

Reference: Instagram Live can now be viewed on desktop|Facebook

The live distribution service itself is not new and has a wide variety SNS and web services, but what is the standing position of Instagram Live in such a red ocean?

According to the "Survey on live distribution services" conducted by MMD Research Institute, those who are currently using live distribution services (n = 2,159) are most likely to use them since the service started in 2011. “YouTube LIVE” (40.4%) was the top choice, followed by “Instagram live streaming” (19.2%). Considering the service start date and the number of users, Instagram Live is doing well.

Source: MMD Laboratory “Survey on Live Streaming Services”

What can Instagram Live be used for?

If you have a smartphone and an Instagram account, you can easily broadcast up to 4 hours of "live broadcast" and easily archive it with "Instagram Live". Companies in various industries are already actively using it. Below are some examples of how it can be used, but you should be able to find new ways to use it depending on your ideas.

It would also be effective to include the following events during the live broadcast as a way to have people watch the live broadcast until the end without leaving the broadcast.

Let's do an Instagram Live! Explanation of points to be aware of at each stage

The following is a step-by-step explanation of the flow from "preparation" to "after distribution (follow-up)" when a company conducts an Instagram live. To do. If you are new to Instagram Live, we recommend that you first try it out using a private account.

(1) Preparation

First, clarify the “purpose” of the Instagram Live and plan the content. Select a moderator and guest speakers, and prepare a rough flow and script for the live performance.

In March 2021, a new function "Live Room" was introduced that allows up to 4 people to live stream. You can invite multiple guests for a talk show, or invite viewers to be guests for a Q&A session. (“Notice of live distribution” will also be sent to the followers of the guests, so live distribution with multiple guests is also effective in expanding reach.)

Source: Instagram introduces a new function “Live Room” that allows up to 4 people to live stream | Facebook

Consider the time of day. It is also recommended to refer to the "most active time" of followers on the "Audience" tab of Instagram Insights, or to fix the date and time of the event, such as "every week on the day of the week."

At the same time, make sure you have a stable internet connection where you're going live. If you live stream from an unstable environment, the video may freeze, the audio may not be delivered, or the live stream may end in the middle.

Perform a test broadcast in advance using a private account, etc., to familiarize yourself with each function of the live broadcast. At the same time, from the top page > [Three] mark at the top right of the screen, open [Settings] > [Privacy settings] > [Stories], and confirm in advance that [Save live videos in archive] is turned on. keep it. Your broadcast will now be automatically archived so that you can share or download it later (archived live videos are automatically deleted after 30 days).

(2) Before distribution

Let's announce the live distribution. You can add information such as the "event name" and "start date and time" of upcoming live streams to your feed posts. Users can also set reminders to be notified 15 minutes before the start, regardless of whether they follow the live broadcast host.

  1. With a professional account (business account), the [Add event] menu is displayed on the screen where you can add captions, etc. to feed posts.
  2. When you select Add Event, you can add the following information. Only events starting within 90 days of the post's creation date can be added to a feed post.

In addition, it is also a good idea to post advance information on stories and reels, and post advance information on SNS other than Instagram and e-mail magazines. You can also use Stories to pre-collect questions from your followers.

(3) Start Streaming

Swipe right on the feed screen and select Live from the bottom menu. You can also give your live stream a title by tapping the menu in the middle left of the screen. When you are ready, tap the live distribution mark at the bottom center of the screen. Live streaming will start.

The menu displayed on the live distribution screen is [Mic ON/OFF] [Camera ON/OFF] [Camera switching (in/out)] [Effect] in order from the top.

Tap the video menu with a + mark at the bottom right of the screen to transition to a screen where you can invite up to 3 guests. bottom right of the screen? Tap the marked speech bubble to display a menu to turn off comments and questions from viewers, a menu to share the live broadcast screen, a menu to copy the link to the live broadcast screen, etc. When Instagram Live starts, it will be displayed to the left of the Stories icon lined up at the top of the top page. Also, your highly engaged followers may receive live stream notifications.

Source: Instagram live video of Instagram Stories | Blog | Instagram for Business It is a good idea to actively communicate by reading out comments from viewers, answering questions collected in advance and received during the broadcast. The more “likes” and comments you receive from users, the more “signals” that Instagram’s algorithm emphasizes.

If you are using iOS, you can also share photos and videos saved on your smartphone with the viewer from the camera roll at the bottom right of the screen during the live broadcast.

Surge in users due to corona!? Companies should use “Insta Live”!

If you tap the comment posted during the live, the [Pin comment] menu will be displayed. Immediately after the live starts, post a comment such as "The theme of the live broadcast currently being held is ●●. We are currently accepting questions and comments about ▲▲ in the comment section" and pin it. prize. Viewers who have joined in the middle can catch up immediately after seeing it.

(4) After distribution (after follow-up)

To end the live video, tap the [x] in the upper right and tap [End video]. From the menu displayed after the end, you can share the archived video on IGTV, check the insights, and download the archived video.

For example, if you tap [Share on IGTV], set the cover (thumbnail) and description (optional), and tap [Post] at the top right of the screen to share the archived video on IGTV. .

After the live broadcast, you can not only publish the archived video on IGTV, but also ``repost the products introduced in the live broadcast in feeds and stories'', It is also recommended to use the summary function” (see the previous article).

Carefully follow up after the live stream so that followers who are interested in the product can easily find detailed information about the product and purchase it.

Let's measure the effect of Instagram live every time

Don't leave Instagram live every time, measure the effect properly each time. Instagram Insights provides the following data for live streams:

Let's aim to achieve the purpose of the live distribution by repeatedly verifying and improving the day of the week, holding time, and content that will make it easy for followers to participate and produce results.

Two expected new features related to Instagram Live

To wrap up this time, I would like to talk about the "live shopping function", which is expected to be fully launched in the near future, and the "badge function," which is mainly for creators. Tip function)” will be introduced.

"Live shopping function" awaiting full launch

As of June 2020, some companies are testing the "live shopping function" on Facebook and Instagram. Products tagged before live distribution are displayed at the bottom of the live video screen, and you can easily check the details of the product or purchase it by tapping it. Many businesses are eagerly awaiting the launch of a “live shopping feature” that enables seamless product purchases.

Reference: Launch of Facebook Shop in Japan, Supporting Online Businesses of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses | Supported badge functions

The "badge function" (tipping function) is for creators rather than for companies, but it is being tested in Japan since October 2020. Users can purchase badges while watching live to support their favorite creators and businesses. There are three types of badges: 120 yen, 250 yen, and 610 yen ($0.99, $1.99, and $4.99). After purchasing, the purchaser's account name and the icon of the purchased badge will be displayed in the comment field.

In addition, from June 2021, the following incentives will be provided to creators if they meet the specified conditions using the badge function.

15 minutes or more live broadcast within 7 days$100 (equivalent to 11,403 yen)
30 Live broadcast for 30 minutes or more with other accounts within a day$150 (equivalent to 17,104 yen)
Live broadcast for 15 minutes or more every week for 4 weeks $250 (equivalent to 28,507 yen)
Reference: Instagram strengthens monetization support for creators, expands badge and shop functions| Facebook◇◇◇

This time, we explained about “Instagram Live”, which is getting more and more attention due to the corona disaster. . This function, which allows you to communicate with your followers in real time and serve customers while maintaining a social distance, should be very useful for companies. Please take advantage of it.

Next time, I will explain the new “Instagram Shop” in 2020.

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