What is the reason why paid support is essential for MySQL

 Speaking of MySQL, it is now recognized as a standard web application RDBMS (relational database management system).Many people have started using it because it is an OSS (open source software) that can be used for free.However, recently, it is often used for enterprise systems, and as the scale grows, the system has become more complicated, and some cases have occurred.Furthermore, as the MYSQL version goes up, the complexity is increasing, so even if you try trouble shooting in -house, it is often difficult to solve it because it takes a certain level of expertise and it takes time and effort.In order to solve the above issues, Japan Oracle provides a paid support, MySQL Technical Support.In this article, we will explain the support of MySQL technical support and approach the factors supported by many corporate users.

What are the pitfalls that tend to fall into the introduction of MySQL?

 MySQL is an OSS RDBMS that is used by companies around the world, and is currently developing and supporting Oracle.In Oracle, the ORACLE MySQL Database Service, a full -managed database service that allows developers to develop and deploy safe cloud native applications.In December 2020, the new extension of MySQL Database Service has begun to provide a Heatwave in memory analysis accelerator, which can achieve high -speed update processing and analytical processing in a single database.

 MySQLは、無償で利用できることもあり、スモールスタートで利用する企業も多く、導入することでユーザーはさまざまなメリットや価値を享受できるようになっている。顧客窓口として多くのユーザーと接してきた日本オラクル MySQL Global Business Unit MySQL Solution Engineering Director, Asia Pacific & Japanの梶山隆輔氏は、MySQLの現状について以下のように語る。

 "MySQL is used by companies in various industries regardless of the size of the company. In unique examples, it is used as a database that collects data from consumer users devices that can be connected to the Internet.There are cases where there is a case. It seems that it is often used for consumer services that utilize the Internet. Of course, it is used as a SaaS backend RDBMS "(Mr. Kajiyama).

日本オラクル MySQL Solution Engineering Director, Asia Pacific & Japan 梶山 隆輔氏

 However, many companies have been suffering from unexpected troubles in MySQL.

 "There are a lot of companies that have become a big system when they notice, despite using MySQL at a small start. In such companies, MySQL supports the company's core.Because it is often used in services, if the service stops due to some obstacles or troubles, it can develop into a corporate responsibility. Support for MySQL to avoid this.More and more companies are starting to consider services. "(Mr. Kajiyama)

 Of course, MySQL is OSS, so if you search for a solution on the web etc. for trouble shooting, you will find a site that indicates the answer.However, while the size of the system was small, it was possible to provide support within the company, but there were cases where the number of users increased, and the time and effort to support to prevent trouble was increased.

 "Some users have been able to hold their own support work because they have increased their support work in -house, and some of them have contracted for paid support. Also, staff who have been supporting in -house have retired without telling their know -how.I often hear cases where the system becomes black box. In order to concentrate on my main business, the support is made by vendors, and it is better for users to spend more time to use the system in the future.I think it is the case "(Mr. Kajiyama)

 Oracle Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer Meiji Kimura points out that the following is the following.

 "I guess many users are pursuing what functions of the latest version of MySQL and what to keep up with and how to upgrade them.There are more cases. Of course, there are opinions that you don't want to spend as much budget as possible because of the OSS.It is no exaggeration to say that the difference in cost advantage will increase. "(Mr. Kimura)

日本オラクル Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer 木村 明治氏

What is the significance of using paid support with MysQL that can be used for free?

 Another factor to use external support is the version control of MySQL.Currently the version is 8.It is 0, and the support manual is a huge amount of A4 paper, about 6000 pages.It would be unrealistic to learn this amount of support from now on.Recently, some users have trouble at the time of introduction.

 "Some users have a wrong binary selection and settings at the time of installation.I don't think it's a waste to put it. If you look at a professional, you can solve it in a few minutes, so try to use paid support by experts. "

 At the start of the use of paid support, the number of inquiries to the support counter increases often when there were some events, such as upgrading and using a user company to change the system.Mr. Kimura Similarly, Mr. Mikiya Okuno, who is in charge of support in charge of support, says, "Because the size of MySQL itself is also large, the probability of a bug will increase inevitably. There is a bug and it cannot be avoided.Even if there is, an oracle who has a development team can definitely correct it. "

日本オラクル Senior Principal Technical Support Engineer 奥野 幹也氏

 Mr. Okuno said, "I have been involved in the support service before I join Oracle, but in MySQL, the number of days, the speed of responding with the number of days, the problem, and the quality of the content.I was surprised that it was high. MySQL support teams have a long history and have accumulated know -how from past versions to the present. For example, version 5.In 6, this solution was the best, but 5.7 and 8.In the case of 0, we also understand the details that do not work if you do it.You can often see configuration files based on older versions.It is an advantage that other companies have to have such detailed know -how on the support side.As the number of use in large -scale systems increases, it has become increasingly consulted that the expected performance is not available.If we leave this to our professionals, it is possible to advise us for a composition that will improve performance. "

The strengths of Oracle, which have a development team

 Oracle offers MySQL's paid support "MySQL Technical Support".This is a 24 -hour 365 -day support service that can be used for 240,000 yen per server per server, and has a fulfilling support such as unlimited incidents, knowledge bass, maintenance release, bug fixes, patches, and update information.。Regarding the charm of MySQL Technical Support, Mysql Renewal Sales Repressentative in Oracle, who is in charge of sales, says Akari Yamaguchi as follows.

 "The average cost per hour when a disability occurs due to infrastructure is about 10 million yen. (White paper" support and specific advantage by Oracle Premier Support Expert for MySQL ")It is a problem that leads to loss and loss of opportunity, as well as loss of brand images, customer fullness, and reduced productivity of employees.It is important for the organization to set up a system that receives daily support on a daily basis using paid support to prevent downtime in the event of a disability or to minimize it.I think.(Mr. Yamaguchi)

日本オラクル MySQL Renewal Sales Representative 山口 明莉氏

 Yamaguchi, who directly hears the response from the user, continues this.

 It is often the case that users who fully use MySQL Technical Support are "not expensive. It is rather cheaper than trying to solve it in -house."It is also possible to accumulate knowledge by using a portal site and use it as a shared information in -house. In addition, it is a major support engineer, such as Okuno and Kimura, and the most popular MySQL specialists are present.Many users feel the benefits. Just as those who are used to driving can take out car insurance, even in the unlikely event that some problem occurs, the system can be operated with confidence.From the perspective of that, we recommend the use of support to users. MySQL technical support is not only a role as "insurance" but also worthwhile to be used without problems.I am telling the user "(Mr. Yamaguchi)

MySQL開発ベンダのサポートはこんなに便利! ※クリックすると拡大画像が見られます My Oracle Supportによるナレッジの蓄積と共有 ※クリックすると拡大画像が見られます

 Both Okuno and Kimura are a specialist who can write and give lectures.Mr. Okuno said, "I sometimes make consulting beyond the category of the support area, such as suggesting a rewriting on the user's query. At this time, I checked the sent settings and SQL statements.While he was there, he said, "This is a problem in the future," and a place that seemed to be a problem that would happen when used in this way, and gave me a concrete advice of rewriting queries. "


 From this, the reason for the accurate advice through the configuration file is a craftsmanship that has been involved in MySQL for many years.Some say, "I bought Oracle's MySQL support because there are Okuno and Kimura as a support staff."

 In this way, having a high -level support by having a staff who is familiar with MySQL is a major strength of MySQL technical support, and is one of the unique features.

MySQLサポートは開発チームと一体となったサービス ※クリックすると拡大画像が見られます

 Oracle's excellent support has been recognized by major companies with high technical skills and is widely used.For example, if you look at user examples utilizing "MySQL Enterprise Edition", one of MySQL technical support, KDDI Corporation, which has strengthened database quality control, LINE Co., Ltd., which has improved database availability, expandability.Square Enix Co., Ltd., which reduced the backup time of the database to 1/6, has completed more than 100 database upgrades in one year.There are COMs.Oracle has been selected from these companies as a partner who regularly supports issues such as preparing for security, system disorders, and improving operation efficiency.From this, we can see high reliability for MySQL technical support.

The trick to use paid support is "contacting small things".

 It is a MySQL technical support that can support at the chord level, but if it cannot be used well, it will be treasure rotten.

 Mr. Okuno, on the other hand, said, "First of all, please feel free to contact anything. Some people may be ashamed to ask for simple things, but that is very wasteful.If you talk about simple content early, you will be able to make suggestions to prevent major troubles. Please contact us on a daily basis rather than making inquiries after trouble occurs.The benefits are both for users and supporting side, and in MySQL Technical Support, there is no way to use these consulting services and proactive support at no additional charges. "I emphasize.

 Kajiyama continues, saying, "If you have joined a paid support, please contact us more and more. We will respond carefully and promptly for rudimentary inquiries such as" I do not know how to download. "

 Mr. Kimura said, "In the case of paid support, we will record what inquiries have been made from the user, so you can guess the user's condition just by looking at the response. When the trouble is serious.If you receive an inquiry suddenly, you do not know why and when to be in such a state, so it will take time to arrive in a method of avoiding troubles.Please contact us when you are a little sick. "

 This advice "Please feel free to consult anything" is an approach that can only be done by unlimited incidents.

 "We are proud that we can provide paid support that embodies" fast, cheap, and skillful ". We have a fulfilling support, such as support system that can solve issues quickly, abundant support, and development teams with experts.We promise to provide, "says Yamaguchi.

 For users who think "Is it necessary to use paid support in OSS?", MySQL technical support should be the optimal paid support.

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